How Do we Work?

How Do we Work?


Have you ever read a story or seen a photo of a place and thought, “I’d love to do that,” but have no idea how?  That is what we at the ALCPJ can do for you.  We help you get to the right spot, at the right time, under the right circumstances and with the right people.

You give us a time, place, size of your party, etc., and fill out the Create Your Own Program section on our site. Then, we can have our experts look through it and contact you to further focus your custom-made photo journey and provide an estimate.  Once we have established the what, where, when, how and possibly the why of your trip; we will then assign you and your party to the best-suited ALCPJ mentor for your photo journey.

While the number of people you bring on your journey is ultimately up to you, we do suggest keeping the maximum number of participants per journey to five people.  However, it can also be just one person.  By keeping these numbers low, we can guarantee quality one-on-one instruction time with your mentor. 

We differentiate ourselves by offering you quality instruction on technical aspects of photography as well as theoretical concepts.  This is done through mentoring moments throughout your journey, in addition to right when serendipitous moments are happening to ensure you get the most out of the experience.

Our goal is not only to make you a better photographer, but to go beyond that point of being someone who simply clicks away indiscriminately to a someone who understands the reason behind pressing the shutter at a certain moment.  We want you to come back not only with great images, but with a better understanding and appreciation of the art of photography.